If you feel inside that you have so much more to give and like helping people through being a positive influence in someone’s life, then you might have the calling to become a coach and/or mentor. Coaches and mentors are those individuals that help others succeed. This could be success in sports, personal development, motivation, making money, or anything else that you feel you can help other people with. Coaching and mentoring not only allows you to help others, which is very rewarding, but it also allows you help a person during life-challenging tmes, to change their life. 

Helping Others

To become a mentor, you have to enjoy people and helping people. Mentoring is a calling you. 
Either you have it or you don’t. However, if you do find that you have that inner desire to help 
thers succeed where they’ve failed so many times, it’s time to decide what area of expertise 
you want to mentor

A mentor is someone who helps others in a field that they have a lot of knowledge in. Therefore, 
you’ll want to choose that field or concept that you have a lot of experience with. For example,
 if you’ve worked for twenty years as a salesperson, you could help others develop the motivation 
and tools necessary to really succeed at sales or any other profession.


If you are going to become a mentor, you might as well do what it takes to become successful and this requires a gift of your time and personal experience.    

You can help  strengthen others with personal growth, motivation, finding success or achieving a goal, you’ll find yourself positively affecting others’ lives. You’ll also find yourself working with a diverse group of interesting people.  It is rewarding when you know your doing something great.
Be a Mentor. Become a Hero.
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