North West Hope is an organization that understands peoples needs and are here to help even in your darkest hour. There are people out there that do care and are willing to help, even in the smallest way.  Whether it is counseling, food, clothing. North West Hope was formed by myself and a group of individuals who have been through some of life's tragedies; witnessed the pain, experienced  the hurt, battled emotional storms, faced adversity, failures and successes. Life is not easy.  

North West Hope discovered a huge need in changing peoples lives and found that with all the resources available, there still was a huge disconnect from bridging the gap of the problem to changing a person's life for long-term success.  

North West Hope is your life-changing coordinator with specially designed action teams that will guide, direct, develop, train and motivate you for long-lasting change to achieve life's long-term success. We understand that being overwhelmed, afraid, alone and feeling hopeless are what many people face on a day-to-day basis. 

North West Hope is composed of professionals, volunteers, instructors, mentors, instructors and counselors who are willing to provide their services, composed around your needs.

You can be someone in need or someone willing to give to a stranger. Whatever the role you wish to play, you can and will make a difference in another persons' become that gift to a stranger.


Rediscover.  Redefine.   Rebuild...U.

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